Lisa and Pandora Vanderpump Launch their latest: LVP Sangria at Miami’s White Party

wineLisa and Pandora Vanderpump are in Miami . But why? Well, to attend the infamous White Party tonight. But more than just hosting duties, the mother-daughter duo will officially launch their new sangria: LVP. LVP Sangria will be served tonight, then available for sale in Southern California and South Florida, before going national.

I spoke with Lisa and Pandora about LVP, the White Party and their philanthropic endeavors. Check out what the mother and daughter duo, who live by the motto: find something that you love to do and then you won’t have to work a day in your life, have to say.


Tell me about the Sangria you are launching today.


L: My daughter Pandora and her husband Jason came to me. They told me “we would really like to take it to the market. I’ve been so busy with work, between Beverly Hills Housewives and Dancing With the Stars, but Pandora insisted, so I had to make sure it was something I was proud of. It is aesthetically gorgeous. But it’s really our baby.”


P: We wanted it to live up to my mother’s sangria that she’s always served. We worked with Spanish vineyards, and it’s so refreshing and tastes beautiful. It is bottled in France.

We are launching it tonight at the White Party.


L: I’m a huge gay advocate, it seemed like the perfect fit, so we figured it was perfect timing. So now we are here and excited to launch it.


Sold where?


L: It will be sold in Southern California and in South Florida, and we will roll out into different markets soon. It will be available in January and online. You can find out more at


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L: I love being back here. Pandora comes back and forth. Today it is so grey and gloomy that I’m worried about the White Party! It’s always changing here, it is amazing to see.


So you are opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles?


L: Yes, in West Hollywood, in the middle of boys town. My gay garden! We thought we would be opened in November but it’s taking longer than expected, so we’re hoping for the beginning of the New Year. It is called Pump.


What are you working on now?


L: I’m always very involved with the charities I am passionate about. I work closely with the American Humane Association, LGBT and GLAAD. Various non profits. I just also did a PSA with James Woods, Elton John and Jamie Foxx called “Any Given Tuesday” which is about a young boy confronting his sexuality. The difficulties that many LGBT youth face are devastating, and drawing attention to that is very important to me. Other than that, it has been a demanding year between Dancing with the Stars and the Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and the new restaurant.


And last but not least….What are you wearing tonight?


L: I am wearing Carlos Miele white dress with embellishment and Christian Louboutin shoes.


P: I am wearing a long white dress with YSL shoes and a great gold wrap.

Lisa and Pandora in the garden
Pandora and Lisa Vanderpump enjoying LVP Sangria