Lalique Lifestyle is Now Available: Lalique Maison by Lady Green

Photo by Patrick Gosling
The Beautiful Lady Green, Surrounded by Lalique Maison

Over the past five years, Lalique, one of the world’s most luxurious crystal houses has grown beyond one’s wildest expectations. Expanding into different divisions like furniture, crystal objets d’art, interiors and architecture, fine jewelry, fragrance and art.

I would like to introduce you to Lalique Maison by Lady Green. Lady Green’s name may sound familiar. That is because she and her husband Sir Philip Green started the incredible Top Shop. She then began to further fall in love with interior design, as she tells me “it came so naturally” to her with her expertise laying in merchandising.

Having seen her works on her iPad and seen physical items in the brand new Lalique boutique, located on the first floor of the Bal Harbour Shops, it is clear Lady Green has a talent and a passion for design. Her lacquered pieces that are made in the South of Italy are something to be desired and are now available to you.

Before you partnered with Lalique, how long have you been buying the brand for?

For years I have been a loyal customer of Lalique pieces for my home.

When they approached you to create Lalique Maison was this your dream?

No, I wouldn’t say it’s my dream. I did a 63-meter yacht, designing furniture in the yacht with Lalique. That’s was my dream.

What is your favorite piece you created in this collection?

The Victorie Chair and the Joueur de Pipeau Bar. It is very 1930’s yet functional. Did you see the drawers? Did you see how the drawers open. It is all very smooth and easy, just with a simple push. Each piece comes with the owner’s name etched inside. They also come in two color options.

A Favorite of Lady Green: The Lalique Maison Victorie Chair

When you get creative, where is your favorite place to sketch out your designs?

I live in Monte Carlo that is where I do it.

How many pieces are in the Lalique Maison collection?

We have 60 pieces and we keep developing and we also do custom bespoke pieces. It is about evolution.

Each style we create has from 10 – 50 pieces each, so it becomes a collectible.

Another Favorite of Lady Green: The Joueur de Pipeau Bar
Love the Lalique Crystal Detail Incorporated in the Table designed by Lady Green