Howard Stern is Returning to ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard-SternGet ready for more of Howard Stern on primetime! The radio shock jock is returning to NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” for at least one more season. Stern shared the exciting mood on his SiriusXM radio show Tuesday morning.

“I’ve been working a long time . . . I really wanted to decide if this was going to take away too much . . . free time, did I really still enjoy doing it, did I have something to say, is it something I should be involved with still?” he revealed.

Despite the time constraints of filming, Stern joked that the “big black hole” inside of him is drawn to the attention he receives on the show. “It won,” Stern explained. “I am going back for one season more.”

Nick Cannon has also confirmed that he will return for the show’s ninth season.