Haute Delivery: Chimes


For those craving the delectable flavors of Far Eastern cuisine for a cozy night at home, Chimes has much to offer. With a menu boasting the best in regional cuisines from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia – this popular delivery spot boasts specialties that blend the richness of Asian cooking.


chimes dubai 2


The eatery is entitled “Chimes” as it is a word that signifies a multitude of aural pleasures. It is a word that most certainly reflects the namesake’s cuisine. Desiring to spend the evening at home yet in the presence of a well-cooked and excellently prepared meal, I ordered from Chimes. For starters, I had the Thai Green Papaya Salad made with chili carrot, tomato and spring beans, tossed in a spicy lime sauce – immediately sizzling to the senses as well as incredibly fresh. For my main I opted for the Malaysian Butter Prawns – a rich dish with prawns set in creamy butter sauce and flavored with chili and crispy curry leaves. I also selected the Singapore Chili Crab, a delicious dish that comprised of a wok-fried mud crab in a semi thick and sweet red chili sauce. For an accompaniment, I chose the assorted vegetables with garlic. Once again, these were fresh and savory.

tom yum talay

I was greatly impressed by the authenticity of Chimes. Here I was, desperate for a night in, and for once, I caved in and ordered already prepared food and it was as good as any top-notch restaurant in Dubai.

The secret of Chimes lies in its ingredients. The eatery only serves fresh ingredients – with vegetables, meat and seafood delivered almost on a daily basis. What’s more is that there are no chemical enhancers in Chimes’ cuisine – another reason why the food tastes so great. The restaurant’s mission is to provide great food that is fresh and natural and delivered as quick as possible. All of these get a big check. Eating at Chimes from wherever is a memorable experience precisely for these reasons and it prompts many re-deliveries.

For more information visit www.chimesdubai.com