Feel Like James Bond in a $20,000 Bulletproof Suit


Like to live dangerously while still looking dapper? Then you’ll love Garrison Bespoke‘s new three-piece bullet-proof suit.

Utilizing nanotechnology, the custom $20,000 suit is comprised of the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq. But, a whole lot more comfortable! The material is substantially thinner and more flexible than the bullet-proof gear currently sported by individuals in the Special Forces.

“It’s not like Batman movies,” David Tran, the company’s head of special projects, told Smithsonian.com. “The person wearing the suit will feel some of the blunt force of the projectile. But it’s a lot less then what they would have experienced with a vest made from Kevlar [the material commonly used in bullet-proof gear].”

In essence, the Bond-esque suit acts like a shield, which allows nanotubes in the fabric to harden and block force from penetrating through. “It will also prevent sharp objects like a knife from penetrating the body,” Tran explained, adding that the company typically meets with clients to learn more about the demands of their particular day-to-day routines.

Despite the suit’s revolutionary protective abilities, Tran said that the shield-like properties won’t last forever, as the carbon nanontube fibers tend to break down after four to five years. “Obviously, nothing out there is going to make it so that it’ll be enjoyable to get shot,” joked Tran. “But with our suit, if you happen to get caught in a gunfight, you’ll at least look great running away.”