Drumbar Chicago’s Alex Renshaw Unveils New Cocktail Menu


Eighteen floors above the city of Chicago, in the Raffaello Hotel, sits “One of the Best Bars in America” according to Details Magazine. And if you are a stickler for specifics then how about calling it “One of the Best WHISKEY Bars in America” like GQ magazine did. The bar being hailed as one of the best is none other than Drumbar Chicago. The popular drinking destination came in June of 2012 and was an instant hit with Chicago’s “sophisticated sippers” with its modern take on the speakeasy concept. Fast forward to now and take in the way they seamlessly integrate the concepts of a rooftop bar, a penthouse lounge and a cocktail haven and you will almost instantly understand the hype. I say almost because you have to order a drink first of course.


Drumbar’s new beverage director, Alex Renshaw (pictured), has a menu  that focuses on classic cocktails, as well as innovative house-made specialties. Alex may be new to Drumbar, but he’s no stranger to the business. He gained notoriety at Sable under Mike Ryan, and was recently named “One of the Top Ten Bartenders to Watch” at the prestigious Tales of the Cocktails awards. It’s safe to say, your drink order is in good hands. Alex and the bartenders at Drumbar (Brian Sturgulewski, Paul Bastien, Marko Tomovic, Whitney Morrow) are all dedicated to making Drumbar THE PLACE to grab a drink and it’s not hard to tell. Drumbar even has a unique partnership with the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society (formed last year), which makes it the first US account to offer their unique and rare whiskies to the public. So yeah, it’s safe to say the next time you are anywhere near The Raffaello Hotel you should consider stopping into Drumbar for a drink…or two. For more information, photos, the drink menu and more, visit www.drumbar.com.