Dori’s World: Private Tour & Dinner at The Guggenheim

IMG_3464_Lindsay Lohan_Cecilia Bonstrom_Irina Lazareanu

The Zadig and Voltaire dinner and the private tour of the Christopher Wool Collection at the Guggenheim was great. First was a tour of the art and then came an intimate seated dinner. Jennifer Creel, Vito Schnabel, Kelly Rutherford, Cecilia Bonstrom, Charlotte Bonstrom, Mia Moretti, Olivier Zahm, Jen Brill, Annabelle Dexter Jones, Carola Jain, Lisa Evans and Gigi Grimstad were all in attendance.

Founder and avid art collector, Thierry Gillier, was there as well as the brands
creative director, Cecilia Bonstrom. Some of the brands muses, Jamie
Bochert and Irina Lazareanu, were also there.