Dori’s World: Art Show at Lyons Wier Gallery

2013-11-14 21.10.14-1Stephanie Hirsch opened a solo show at Lyons Wier Gallery. This was my favorite show she has done yet. The work, love and progress she has put into her work has shown so much. Her friends packed the gallery to buy art and show their support. Some people that stopped by were Allison Lutnick, Amy Phelan, Jane and Richie Notar, Mark Mullet, Keith Bloomfield, Maria Brito, Rosanna Scotto, Alison Brod, Ralph Davidson, Ramy Sharp, Donny Deutsch, Marci Warren, Charlie and Lauren Walk, Charlotte and David Blechman, Stacey Pachcow, Debra Peltz, Maria Brito, Pippa Cohen, Glori Cohen, Christopher Lew, Joseph LaPianaGigi and Carl Grimstad and Gabby Nakash. Next I attended a small dinner that Jarret Keller and the gallery threw at American Cut for her.