Dori’s World: Silver Hill Hospital Gala

Silver Hill Hospital Gala 2013

Wednesday night was the Silver Hill Hospital Gala. Michael Cominotto and Dennis Basso served as co-chairs of the 2013 gala, which was held at Cipriani 42nd Street. Cyndi Lauper gave a fantastic performance. Michael shared his story from four years ago. The goal of Silver Hill Hospital is to provide patients with the best available treatment of mental illness and addiction and to offer support, counseling and education to our patients and their families. Thanks to Michael’s help, many people are sharing there stories and making donations to those who want and need help. It was a very touching event. So many friend of Dennis and Michael came out to offer their support like Marci Warren, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Mark Gilbertson, Gigi Grimstad, Inga Rubenstein, Scott Currie, Caroline Berthet, Alex Hitz, Danielle Ganek, Nina Griscom, Emily Smith, Dana Taylor, Beverly Orthwein, Lisa Jackson and Debbie Bancroft. After an intense evening, I went to Stacey Bendet’s amazing event at 450 West 14 Street. The neon room, the clothing on the dancers… wow she has some awesome talent! Nicky Hilton, Chrissie Miller, Sarah Howard, Andrew Rosen, Alex Gaines, Jen Raines, Eric Eisner, Jen Creel, Kelly Rutherford were all there.