A Euro Chic Spot in Miami with a New Terrace: Wine Depot


For months I have driven past this warehouse-looking building on 6th street on Miami Beach called Wine Depot. Then, last night I was invited to meet my girlfriends Tenia Laing and Aricelli Beers for cocktails.

My first impression was “wow I love this.” Maybe it was because of the well-dressed French men who were congregating by the bar? Of course that would be my first impression. Then I fell for the high ceilings, simple décor that was quite tasteful, orchids overflowing from high vases, then the food. The lite bites were quite gourmet, better than the conversation of the two young men visiting from Paris who were friends of friends.

The wine selection looked quite extensive, rose’, white, red’s and even a vintage department that was enclosed, and when I spoke to the owner Emmanuel Pelletier, he told me they have been open for a year now but that the breaking news was that they have a major terrace opening next week with a retractable roof. So for all of my Euro and wine and food loving readers, this is a great venue for your next happy hour or for a casual date!


Address: 555 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone:(305) 672-6161