Celebrities Love Getting Nailed by Bed of Nails


I am not a real fan of needles, unless they are full of fillers to enhance beauty. I tried acupuncture when I was around thirteen years young, when I was living in LA over a summer, and cant say it was too memorable. Then as I got older, I became more experimental and came across a product called Bed of Nails.

They say beauty is pain. Well, I think health is pain too, but I tell you, after laying on this thin mattress covered with non-toxic plastic spikes, it is a great pain as it helps to alleviate all of the stresses of my every day oh-so-stressful life.

ALSO: Bed Of Nails is donating 20% of October’s sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research! We LOVE Philanthropy!

So, how does it work? You lie on the mattress (more like a puffy towel covered with thousands of spikes) for ten minutes a day, or when need be. The more time you spend on it, the better.  This product was inspired by ancient Indian healing traditions and most recently in Scandanavia, it became a success overnight. It is said to improve circulation, increase energy, reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety, alleviate headaches, tension and muscle aches, improve sleep, benefit weight loss by reducing cortisol levels while revitalize and rejuvenating too! It is also said to release oxytocin, the body’s “happiness drug.” Who doesn’t like a good happy high?

Celebrities including Britney Spears, Miguel, Owen Wilson, Hilary Swank, Dylan McDermott, The Kardashians, Jeremy Piven, Benjamin Bratt, Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper, Uma Thurman, local Elle McPherson Soffer, and Dustin Hoffman use Bed of Nails as do several NHL team players from the Red Wings. They say it is a very helpful rehab tool both during practice and while on tour.

Britney Loves Bed of Nails


Bed of Nails is available for $39.95 and the pillow is available for $24.95.