PYT’s: Inside Look to the Boys Behind Barry’s Bootcamp Miami Beach

James (L) and Derek (R) Pose in front of Barry’s Bootcamp. Also, behind the duo is a photo of Derek! Haute!

As I waited at Panther Coffee in the fierce Sunset Harbour neighborhood, it became official; he (Derek) is a new resident of Miami. His car arrived from LA! “It’s indefinite.”


But who is Derek? And what is he doing here?


I am sure you have perused through the chic Sunset Harbour area and if you have not, you must. If you have, you likely noticed those gorgeous photos of semi dressed, athletic models on the front what will be the newest, hottest fitness class on Miami Beach. So who is Derek? Well, he is the business partner of James Provencher. The duo moved here to open Barry’s Bootcamp, and this quite social team have made quite a splash in this town so soon. Impressive.


Hear what they have to say:


E: Barry’s Bootcamp. The name Barry?


James: Barry J, in 1998, he created this concept. Straight forward: treadmills and dumbbells.


E: How did you get involved in Barry’s?


Derek: The way I got the job, I took the class because a friend recommended it. Everyone was talking about it. It was the secret hidden gem, and it was kind of funny. During the class Barry was on top of me, and I’m thinking ‘wow they are very hands on here, this is awesome,’ and he whispers in my ear ‘are you a trainer?’ in my head said no, out of my mouth said yes, and he said “we’re looking for trainers, see me after class.” We spoke after class. I started the next week.

That was seven years ago.


Today, the rest is history. We became the best of friends. Barry is part owner, he travels back and forth between the locations. Miami will be the 12th location opening.


E: James, how did you meet Derek?


James: We met because I started taking Barry’s classes with our other partner Whitney Kroenke, who is based in LA. Derek was instructing the class and we both had a crush on him.

How did xxx perform in class?

Should I be honest? Hahah. He did very well. He came often, started at beginner level, which is how it works. I became sucked into the work out. It became a commitment, and now we are partners.


E: James, how is Miami for you so far?


James: Well, I studied at University of Miami with a Bachelors of Communications then worked with Zakarin-Martinez PR and at Lifesyled, where I excelled in luxury travel and PR. After moving to LA post Zakarin, I met Derek and now we are here to stay.


E: What are your roles?


Derek: James is serving as manager, and its perfect. He loves it, especially because he is nice.


E: What should Miami residents anticipate style wise, architecture?


Derek: When you walk into BB, a sexy chic lobby with polished concrete, exposed ceilings. A sexy black-on-black camouflage feel. When you enter, there is just one studio, it’s all you need. We have two bathrooms with three showers in each, and the tile is platinum! Were not cutting corners.


E: So, when is the official opening?


James: Late 2013.


E: Cost?


Derek: Starting at $28.00 per class, but discount is applicable if a package is purchase. Keep checking to find out about exclusive promotions. Sign up for “the list” to be in the know.


E: I have to ask…in store boutique?


Derek: Yes, everything is in the works.


Hautest Secret: Free parking too!


Extra Info: 16 and over only


About the Social Wonders: Were SoHO House boys, we love Sunset Harbour. Panther coffee! We’re just going to name drop every company here. Derek loves the lingerie shop.