Meet Designer Robert Graham, Whom FYI Was Fred Segal Approved!

I know all about Robert Graham shirts, because one of my best friends, Encologist Dr. Fahed Fayad always wears them. Extremely distinct in their appearance, I have noticed that so many men in Miami dress in this brand that you would mostly notice because the cuffs are a different fabric than the shirt its self. A major pop in color, and a tailored yet fun look for men of all sizes…..and something that doesn’t hurt: they are Fred Segal approved!

I reached out to Robert’s team to find out more, because after all it seems to be the week of the man, and that between the grand opening of Cottage Menswear Boutique, that a quickie with RG would never hurt!

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Mr. Robert “Graham”

I know your first name is Robert but where did Graham come from?

Robert Graham was started as collaboration between two designers. A gent named Graham and myself. Graham left the company after 18 months.


So I notice when a man buys one of your very noticeable shirts, it is not one, but many. Do you think the reason behind this is the tailoring or the cuffs being a different color on most of your designs?

All of the above, plus the fact that all of our fabrics are extremely distinctive and colorful. Our collectors also are always on the lookout for our little hidden surprises, and extremely intricate inside yoke embroideries that are different in every shirt we design.


Fred Segal was your first customer when you launched this “American Eclectic” line of shirts in 2001. What did that feel like? That is every designers dream!

It was amazing because at the time we had no idea who the two buyers were, until they presented their business cards after placing their order.


What is the most popular size for men to buy?

Interesting question, I have always believed RG was a collection for anyone no matter of size, color or creed. So in short all our sizes are popular. Majority being M thru XL


You only produce men’s shirts?

We actually create four menswear and women’s wear collections a year-spring, pre-fall, fall and resort.

Do you wear RG shirts every day? Tell Tell!

Absolutely they are great.