Haute 100 NY Update: Robert De Niro To Replace James Gandolfini in HBO Miniseries

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Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro will replace the beloved James Gandolfini as an attorney in the HBO miniseries “Criminal Justice.” It’s regrettable shared knowledge that “The Sopranos” star died suddenly in June of a heart attack at age 51. Gandolfini had already filmed the pilot for the series and as a result production has long been halted.

It was recently announced that De Niro would take on the role previously bestowed upon the late Gandolfini, as a New York City attorney fixed on murder cases. The airdate for the miniseries has yet to be announced. “Criminal Justice” was among one of Gandolfini’s last endeavors along with the film “Enough Said” now in theatres, which he costars in with Julie Louis-Dreyfus.