David Bowie To Star in Louis Vuitton Campaign

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Rocker and trend setting pioneer David Bowie doesn’t stay out of the spotlight for long, and with good reason. Later this year he will be featured in the Louis Vuitton campaign L’Invitation au Voyage. This is an honor that only a select exceptional few have had before him, including Keith Richards, Bono and Muhammed Ali.

The promotional photo shoot was shot earlier this summer in Venice and is rumored to include model Muse. In a campaign released last November, Muse was seen floating away in a hot air balloon.

L’Invitation au Voyage is reported to follow a similar fantasy resembling story-line. If this shoot featuring Bowie is anything like the magnificent themed Louis Vuitton shoots of the past, then it promises to be elegant with an opulent old-fashioned flair for luxury and effortless beauty.