Aspen Filmfest Underway, “Linsanity” Screens Thursday


The chronicling of Jeremy Lin’s rise to stardom in the NBA was serendipitously captured by young filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong, a Chinese-American who related to the immigration struggles Lin also faced. The film recounts the years leading up to the frenzied excitement that erupted in 2012 when the 23-year-old unknown came off the New York Knicks’ bench to become a media sensation. Besides showcasing those spotlight moments, “Linsanity” goes behind the scenes with a mix of interviews, home video and clips from Lin’s high school and college careers to create a documentary that’s not just a stirring sports drama but also a classic immigrant-family success story. The film opens nationwide Oct. 4.

“Linsanity” plays as part of Aspen Film’s Filmfest Thursday, Sept. 26 at noon. For a complete festival schedule, visit Aspen Film.