Alec Baldwin & Coen Brothers to Host Film Week at New York Philharmonic


Actor Alec Baldwin and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are kicking off a new film series week at the New York Philharmonic. The 30 Rock actor will host a concert by the orchestra of music from Hitchcock movies tonight and also moderate a panel discussion September 21 entitled “The mind, music and moving images” with the Coen brothers.

“Music has such a powerful place in film,” Baldwin said in a statement. “Sometimes the music is the best thing in the film; sometimes the music is telling you how to feel more than the visual images. To have the full heft of the Philharmonic behind such cinematic artistry is going to be thrilling.”

The week-long event, which is presented in part by the World Science Festival, aims to explore the fascinating relationships between music, film, human emotion, and the creative process behind the choice and composition of film music and how it impacts the mind.