Viavi: A Leading ‘Health Concierge’ Service


In today’s busy modern world, the mere idea that one has time to control one’s health seems highly improbable. Despite this rampant mindset, solutions to solve this dilemma are targeting the way in which individuals see and manage their health. One such solution is London-based private health consultancy, Viavi.

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The brainchild of Dr. Sabine Donnai, a leading authority on integrated health management and preventive medicine and Chris Jessop, a healthcare executive and entrepreneur, Viavi is a unique private client health management service that strives help successful and busy individuals take control of their health.

Viavi believes that one’s health is the outcome of how they live their lives. This means how much and what a person eats, how much they travel, their level of stress, genetic predispositions as well as many other factors. Viavi clients may have had successful careers thus far, invested in stocks, fine jewelry, wine and art, but their health has been mismanaged and largely disregarded.

According to Viavi’s beliefs, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to health doesn’t work. If you understand good health from the perspective of preventive medicine and that it can work if applied a variety of different people with different backgrounds and ways of life, then you are mistaken. At least, this is what professionals at Viavi believe. According to Jessop, people can be educated the same way, eat the same food, have the same exercise program and be brought up in the same way and yet the impact of these elements on their health can be drastically different.

In response to this, Viavi offers a service that goes beyond the traditional call of medicine. The company seeks to find a solution to every client’s lifestyle health problem – whether it be to lose weight or to de-stress. The services of Viavi can be broken down into three main areas: a health evaluation and health optimization program, which is an individualized health assessment program to maintain your wellbeing; family office for health,  providing advice for families, groups and organizations and health advocacy to resolve complex health issues. This private client health management is personalized and suited specifically to target each individual’s needs.

Clients include members of royal families, successful businessmen and women, Michelin-starred chefs and other eminent personalities.

Even if Viavi is a UK-based company, its aims are very much global. A huge proportion of the clients come from the Middle East thus underlining its expansion and popularity of services overseas. Services such as Viavi stress the need to make one’s health a priority – even if it means scheduling time in to do it. Without good health success is unsustainable.

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