Nina Garcia To Wear Google Glass at New York Fashion Week

Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia will be rocking a new trend during New York Fashion Week: Google glass. The 48-year-old reality-star will wear the high-tech specs throughout the week and share her experience across her various social media channels, including Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Google Glass Expedition is controlled by your voice or a tap of your finger. It’s a very different device than the iPhone,” Garcia told Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s like wearing a little computer. It’s a hands-free experience which is kind of liberating. I can go to a show and just be and not be looking down at my iPhone all the time.”

Though Garcia admitted that it took a little while for her to get the hang of the device, now she’s hooked. “What I find fascinating is that this may be the beginning of a technology that changes how we interact and how we process and gather information,” she explained.

Her only complaint? The battery life. “[It] only lasts for one or two hours so you have to reboot,” she added. “You know fashion week is never a one- or two-hour day — it’s more like 12 hours.”