Haute 100 NY Update: Mayor Bloomberg Buys $13,000 Custom-Made Bathtub

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves political office in January, he’ll have plenty of time for rest and relaxation—in his brand new bespoke bathtub!

The 71-year-old Mayor reportedly shelled out $13,300 for a copper bathtub made by hand in France. “He requested a nickel finish, to give a slightly glossier effect,” Etienne Dulin, owner of the 200-year-old copper workshop, told Agence France-Presse. “These days, those who have money are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd and we are virtually alone in the world in being able to deliver this kind of quality.”

Bloomberg plans to put the high-end tub in his Manhattan townhouse, which is currently undergoing renovation. The finished piece, which took skilled workmen 250 hours to complete, is expected to be shipped from Normandy, later this month.