Georgina Bloomberg: ‘I Never Want to Get Married’

Georgina Bloomberg is madly in love with her boyfriend of seven years, Ramiro Quintana, and doesn’t need a wedding to prove it! “I live with my boyfriend, but I never want to get married,” she recently revealed at a Hamptons Magazine event. “I’ve always been non-traditional.”

Though every father dreams of walking his daughter down the aisle, the 30-year-old daughter of Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that her father hasn’t chimed in on her untraditional decision. “My father hasn’t pressured me to get married,” she explained. “He respects my decision.”

Georgina is due on Christmas day and plans to have the baby—a boy!— in New York before moving to Florida for the winter. “I am reading baby books and looking at names,” she added. “But we haven’t decided yet.”