What’s On My Desk: Chapman Ducote

chapman office

It is safe to say the Merchant Services CEO and Chairman Chapman Ducote leads a double life. One in the office at the credit-card processing company he started in 2005, which now employs 500 people, and one on the racetrack for Ducote Racing. In addition to coming in 2nd at the Petite Le Mans in Georgia, an exhausting 12-hour race, he regularly places well driving his in American and European races. He and his wife, burgeoning author Kristin Ducote, are regulars on Miami’s social circuit and have landed on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami a few times where the similarities in style and looks between he and Scott Disick have been pointed out. We say Chapman’s a Miami original.

Cast Bronze Aston Martin Wings – These arrived, no joke, from an anonymous fan back in ’08 when I was racing for the Aston Martin team. I don’t know the history of this particular sign, but it has nails in the back that were obviously used to mount it to a building at some point. It might be worthless or priceless. Either way, it looks awesome, weighs a metric ton, and has undeniable beauty as an object.

Hand Sanitizer – I’m a bit of a germaphobe and freak about having clean hands. It is unbelievable how many hands I shake in a given day. I think the fist bump, although slightly ghetto, is a great substitute for shaking hands and do it whenever I can.

Combat Knife – I use it as a letter opener.  Or anything else needed.

Ferrari Fountain Pen – Nobody but me is allowed to touch this particular pen and it only gets used for signing important contracts and deals. Totally superstitious, but fun at the same time…it’s a little bit of pomp and circumstance that makes for a ritual of “Closing The Deal”. Is that cheesy?  Not if you own a car (or two) with the same logo.

Desert Eagle .50 – I keep this under my desk or within reach while at the helm.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with Guy Richie’s ‘Snatch’ and the character Bullet Tooth Tony, a Desert Eagle .50 is the largest caliber pistol on the planet.  Often referred to as a hand canyon, it has monstrous stopping power.  I keep this weapon (among several) for protection and I am a firm believer in the “Castle Doctrine”.  If you don’t know what that means, go ahead and look it up.

Prototype Mobile Payment Device – This will literally change the face of payments as we know it today. I can’t say anymore, but, trust me, when you see what it does, you’d buy one tomorrow.  Coming late 2014.