Regis Philbin Prepares for New Hosting Gig

Regis Philbin is gearing up for his return to daytime television. Beginning next month, the 81-year-old on-air personality will host a round table sports show on Fox Sports 1 cable network called “Crowd Goes Wild.”

“We’ve got a nice little panel of people together, a lot of friends,” Philbin told the New York Daily News. “And if a celebrity like George Clooney comes to town with a movie, we’ll play clips from his movie — but we’ll also talk to George, who grew up in Cincinnati, about his sports roots, like if he’s still a big Reds fan.”

Though none of the show’s co-hosts have been confirmed, Philbin reveals that one is an ex-NFL player. “Thirty seven pro [NFL] players since the end of the season have been arrested in the past six months — not to mention the murders,” he exclaimed. “I want to know what the hell is going on.”

“Crowd Goes Wild” will be filmed at a new studio in Chelsea and air weekdays at 5 PM.