Out With Alisa: King Henry VIII Party

kaz birthday 10
Kaz Akzarka hosted a Tudor-themed ball at Hampton Court Palace, an ancient castle which was the home of King Henry VIII of England. Kaz hosted 350 people from around the world to celebrate his special date, with all of us in beautiful, elaborate costumes – those not in costume were not permitted to enter the castle gates!

The evening began as all the guests arrived by carriage. While we sipped drinks in the estate’s gardens, entertainers put on a show with fire, sword fights, men on stilts and even jousting! Then we were escorted into the main castle, where we had the chance to take in the incredible historic beauty of the Hampton Court Palace’s myriad rooms. We were seated for dinner in the Palace’s main room, where we were serenaded throughout the five-course meal with dancing and singing.

After dinner we were escorted once again to the estate’s gardens, where we were wowed with a dazzling display of fireworks. With that, the night kicked into high gear, as we were escorted to the ballroom, where we danced till 6 am and lost half of our costumes on the dance floor! Guests included Count and Countess von Bismarck, Dino Lalvani, Ranny Davidoff, Carol Asscher, Anne Marie Graff, Christina Juffali, Tara Reid, Ondine de Rothschild, Rena Sindi and Arun Nayar.

A big thanks to Kaz – this is one of those evenings you will just never forget!