Out With Alisa: Carol Asscher’s Venice Extravaganza

After attending the beautiful Dolce and Gabbana ball, I stayed in Venice for Carol Asscher’s 3-day extravaganza! If Carol was aiming to make her guests feel like they had been transported to a fairy-tale world, well, she succeeded! More than eight hundred guests traveled to Italy to celebrate our beautiful, lovely friend Carol.

The event began early Friday morning with a lunch at the gorgeous Monaco Grand Canal Hotel. Later that night, Carol organized a welcome dinner at the Bauer, where we took in an incredible water performance before dancing till 5 AM. At the end of the night, we got a preview of the next night’s revelries when we were handed beautiful gilded masks to match our outfits for a Costume Masquerade Ball.

Saturday was a big day of anticipation! We began the day with lunch at the Cipriani Venice Hotel, dining in the garden overlooking the pool. It was so beautiful it was hard to leave, but in the afternoon we headed out to get ready for the Masquerade Ball. The whole evening was magnificently dramatic! We were picked up in one of Venice’s famous water taxis and brought to the iconic Palazzo di Venezia. At the door, we were greeted by singers, dancers and even men on stilts. The cocktail party got underway in the beautifully decorated ball room, where magical performances amused us non-stop throughout the night! Around 10PM, we were ushered up to the second floor, where a 4-course Venetian dinner was served for about eight hundred guests. Afterwards, we headed to the ballroom, where long endless tables were adorned with endless desserts! When everyone had satisfied their sweet tooth, the real party time got underway, with Donna D’Cruz playing DJ for the rest of the night.

On Sunday, we capped off the incredible weekend with a delicious brunch, served on the Hotel Danieli‘s amazing terrace overlooking Venice. There we had the chance to try the Danieli’s world-famous cuisine, swap stories from the night before and toast a very memorable weekend!

Guests included Steven and Christine Schwarzman, Ivana Trump, Anne Marie Graff, Dino Lalvani, Rena Sindi, Maria and Andrea Buccellati, Denise Rich and Fawaz Gruosi. Many thanks to my dear Carol!