World-renowned Chefs Cook for New York’s Hungry

Le Club des Chefs de Chefs, the world’s most elite and sought-after chefs, is teaming up to serve their most sophisticated meals to more than 200 New Yorkers in need. Accustomed to cooking for heads of state and royalty, the members of Le Club des Chefs de Chefs will cater to a different crowd this Saturday at the Xavier Mansion.

This won’t be your traditional soup kitchen experience either. The celebrated chefs are promising food that’s “fit for royalty.” In partnership with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, the highly-anticipated event will showcase meals from their menus during the week of July 29th. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the “Fit for Royalty” menu will benefit nearby food banks in the participating hotels’ cities.

Gregor Zimmermann, chef in charge of official receptions of Switzerland, will participate in Saturday’s feast; Ulrich Kerz, chef to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will also participate.

Photo Credit: Le Club des Chefs de Chefs