Haute Eat: Zuma’s New Summer Dishes

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Currently listed in San Pellegrino’s ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ for the second consecutive year, Zuma continues to be one of Dubai’s most popular restaurants as well as one which continually sets new benchmarks for Japanese cuisine. Just in time for the UAE’s hot summer months, the Zuma team has introduced five new items to its a la carte menu. We check out these enticing summer options.

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Even if this week marks the start of Ramadan and many in town, especially those fasting, are looking forward to the city’s delicious iftar and suhoor options, there’s still plenty of new culinary options to try – even over lunch. One of our favorites is Zuma’s new selection of summer dishes. Devised by the Zuma team and the restaurant’s Executive Chef Refaie Othman, the a la carte menu now includes a tantalizing tuna and langoustine tartar with ginger and garlic yuzu dressing; thinly sliced alfonsino with kabosu lime and chilli onion relish; fatty tuna sashmi with sesame chilli ponzu; a delicious grilled broccoli with shiso butter panko and chicken wings tempura with spicy lemon dressing. Our favorites were definitely the tuna and langoustine tartar which was fresh and flavorful and slightly spicy, and the buttery grilled broccoli with shiso butter panko. The dishes are light and savory and perfect for quick lunchtime meal.

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Zuma is located in DIFC. Tel: +971 44255660. For reservations, email reservations@zumarestaurant.ae