Chef Dominique Ansel Introduces Frozen S’mores at his Gourmet SoHo Bakery

Cronuts, Manhattan’s latest craving, bring fans and first-timers alike from all over to wait in a two-hour line every day — and some to shell out $5,000 for delivery service. This scrumptious croissant-doughnut hybrid is the brainchild of Chef Dominique Ansel, who has another treat up his sleeve. Ansel has just brought to life everyone’s childhood favorite in the consummate summertime way: The Frozen S’more.

The vanilla ice cream center enveloped in a square-shaped chocolate wafer provides a refreshing break from the toasty homemade marshmallow and dondurma exterior. For those curious, dondurma is a viscous and stretchy Turkish ice cream that is made with flour from the ground tubers of Turkish orchids. A true artist, Ansel got the ingredient’s inspiration from a trip to Turkey.

“It’s a play on hot and cold. Seeing such a wintery-looking dessert eaten on the streets of the summer time in 97 degree weather is truly surreal,” Ansel told Fox News.

Ansel’s highly-anticipated sweet treat must be made to order, to appreciate the inimitable touch of the applewood-smoked willow branch and fresh torching.

Head out to SoHo’s very own Dominique Ansel Bakery to try the delectable delight for yourself, along with his famed cronut.

Photo Credit: Fox News