Hatem Alakeel Femme Fashion Collection Introduces Limited Edition Swarosvski Sisa Bracelet



Just in time for Ramadan renowned Saudi fashion designer Hatem Alakeel will be launching the special Ramadan Femme and Toby Junior collection as well as the limited edition Swarovski Sisa bracelet along with every purchase of Hatem Alakeel Femme Thobe.


Hatem AlAkeel Femme Thobe features 20 unique and classical fashion pieces designed by Hatem AlAkeel which merge traditional Arabian style with the bold and daring motifs presented in his Toby brand. The collection is also part of the Toby Peace people series initiative which is supported celebrities such as Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera and Eva Longoria.


Known as the King of Thobes, AlAkeel has embarked on a new frontier with the launch of his womenswear collection. Each of the 20 pieces is intricately designed giving the conventional theme of a woman’s traditional abaya a new flair. “To be able to reflect the essence of women’s wear and pique their interest in a new brand is no easy task,” says Alakeel.

Worn fitted or loose, a Hatem Alakeel Femme Thobe can go from day to evening with ease and comfort for any occasion and can be accessorized to taste; dressed up with a belt or an elegant brooch, worn full length or shortened as preferred, or restyled to be sleeveless.  From very structured and modern architectural collars to airy, light and classic designs, the collection sets a new trend of timeless fashion that takes the woman’s thobe into the realm of Arabian haute couture.