Dori’s World: Sasha Martynenko & Seth Greenberg’s Wedding

2013-06-08 19.51.47-1

What a great weekend! I’m so happy Daniela Rich and Richard Kilstock came back from London for Sasha Martynenko Seth Greenberg’s wedding. On Friday night they had a Middle Eastern dinner party at Espace. Sasha looked stunning on Saturday night in a white lace dress. They had performers, singers and beautiful dancers. The bridesmaids wore long red dresses — and I was randomly wearing a long red douglass Hannett dress. Guests included best man Richard Kilstock, David Aaron, Jason Strauss, Mark Baker, Noah Teppenberg, Meissian John Mason, Jason Pomeranc, Haley and Jason Binn, Lauren and Charlie Walk, Beni Shabtai, Marc Packer, David Rosenberg, Reed Lesley, Rob Vecsler, Emily Smith, Kamal Hotchandani, Paulo Zampili, Sezie Tasket, Russel Quartz, Patrica Fiend, Mark Guttenberg and so many others. We dined on steak, shrimp, fish and danced all night.