Let’s Get Philosophical with Lea Black: Haute Mothers are Women of Beauty and Wisdom

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A lot of people and interviewers like to ask me about the glitz and glamor part of my life and I do love those aspects. It’s what makes me “me”. However, I also love to talk about my philosophy of life and my perspective on everything from politics to pop culture. It’s important for all of us to reflect on the way we think. Underlying everything we do and say is the way we think.

In fact, one of the most important things I have learned is to QuantumThink. It is a habits of thinking create our outcomes and the way we experience life. In quantum land this is called “the observer effect.” It’s actually a fact of science I learned from my favorite book  Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World  by Dianne Collins

A lot of people say things are “all a matter of perception.” But what I am talking about is a lot different than just saying the world is as you see it. Ho hum.

The huge difference is that when you’re QuantumThinking you realize that you and I can actually choose how we see things. There is a caveat though: you can only choose when you are aware enough of your automatic thought habits to go beyond them.

There is no fixed “way that it is” out there, or even within yourself. Everything is malleable, flexible, and able to transform. This is the big realization. When you make the quantum leap in your own life you go from being a victim of circumstances to being a progenitor of intent. Okay that’s a 50-cent word, and what it means is you are the one initiating your own experience rather than being flotsam and jetsam on the sea of life.

Putting it as simply as I can, if you aren’t happy with the way something is going—a relationship, your family life, your business, your stock portfolio or the way you look—quit whining. Check your habits of thinking. Now this is easy to do when you realize that as Dianne says, just because you have a thought doesn’t make it “the truth” … most thoughts we have “just visit” from the surrounding intelligent energy field. We are not even initiating most of our thoughts, so why should you try to own the ones that are not taking you where you want to go. Interrupt the thought habit and create a new intent.

I love her book because she’s witty and a straight-talker (“You’re going to wake up – so what’s it going to be, crisis awakening or conscious awakening?”) and because it teaches so much – yet the book always guides you back to yourself. Connecting to your own wisdom, you’ll realize that you are the one who has the power to create and shape your experience, your family, the world—when you wake up and pay attention.

With Mother’s Day recently passed I started thinking about how Motherhood is evolving. Yes, the world is changing at a crazy pace and at the same time, all of us are evolving. Today’s modern Haute mothers are so different than the cliche images that portray motherhood as letting go of everything that makes women glamorous and seductive to become the “I will do everything for everyone else and sacrifice my own needs and wants” martyr. Thank goodness we’re not there any longer!

Mothers today are beautiful and sexy and glamorous and keep themselves current and aware—up to date on everything from fashion and culture to spirituality, energy healing, and the latest child rearing methods. Ninety-year-olds look seventy and forty-year-olds look twenty. It’s wonderful. Mothers today are indeed women of beauty and wisdom.

The other day I opened Do You QuantumThink?  and turned to a random page in the wisdom chapter where the author points out that each of us is a kind of wisdom channel for a unique brand of inner knowing that comes through us and gets expressed in everything we do.

So I thought about it for myself—what is the wisdom that comes through me?

There is so much territory to cover in that area LOL—so let me focus on one aspect of wisdom that guides me in my businesses, in the work I do with charities, in my family life and with myself, and that is – our own responsibility in creating our life. The greatest part of seeing yourself as responsible for what is showing up in your reality is that this gives you a lot of power to create what you truly want. Because another “wisdom message” that has connected with me throughout my life is my strong conviction and inner knowing that no matter what circumstances you have encountered or endured, you can pick yourself up in an instant. You always have another chance to put yourself out there and express your best gifts and highest nature fulfilled and happy in a life you love. It’s a matter of choice. What you bring is what you get.

What I love about QuantumThinking is it gives you a perspective that enables you to experience the richness of life. One of the vital leaps in thinking is moving from an “Either/Or” to a “Both/And” frame of mind. As mothers, I am sure we don’t want to be trapped in feeling we have to be the consummate “nurturers.” It’s not that we don’t want to nurture, just not at the expense of our free-spirited wild and crazy creative and entrepreneurial nature! The idea is to realize we are Both/And – nurturers and free spirits, great moms and glam, successful and wise.

So who are you and I in the midst of this rapidly changing, evolving world?

Let me leave you with this excerpt from “the book” to inspire you … and to remind you of your beauty, your power, AND your wisdom …

“The one essential ingredient in all of this is you. It isn’t about you seeing the bigger picture or understanding it; it is about you being a force in it. As we awaken ourselves we clear the static on the radio of our being enough to tap into the knowledge. Without standing on a soapbox or sounding like a Pollyanna the fact is when we achieve some mastery with our own thinking and our own mind, we become beacons of living wisdom and literally alter the world.”