Barbara Walters & Mayor Bloomberg Discuss Their ‘Personal Relationship’

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Mere hours after Barbara Walters announced her retirement from “The View,” several ABC executives stopped by the morning show to offer their well-wishes to the 83-year-old veteran journalist. The news also had profound impact on Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made a guest appearance on yesterday’s program.

“I love you,” Walters told the Mayor, after welcoming him to the stage with a warm embrace — and two kisses on the cheek! She thanked him for being “good to the show.”

And it seems the affection is mutual. Bloomberg praised Walters for “open[ing] up a whole career for women” and joked about the two of them running off together when he leaves City Hall.

“If you and I went away, Diana probably wouldn’t notice for a few days,” Bloomberg quipped. “Did you tell them about our personal relationship?”

Blushing, Walters admitted that she previously described the mayor as her ideal husband on-air. “I thought he’s cute as can be and he’s rich, so we were married on the show,” she explained. “It was never consummated.”

Check out the video below: