A Stellar Sunset: Cafe del Mar


The original Café del Mar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza is renowned for its exceptional sunsets and chill-out music. The Dubai venture under the same name boasts similar attributes and is located in Meydan Beach on Jumeirah Beach Road overlooking the stunning waters of the Arabian Gulf. With an outdoor terrace replete with comfy armchairs, enticing and creatively mixed cocktails and entrancing music, this is the spot to be for rest and leisure.


It was a typical night out with friends and we were eager to try something new. Cafe del Mar had been on our list for some time now – its name had become synonymous with what the origianl Cafe del Mar reflected: relaxation, leisure, an open-air and sophisticated ambiance as well as delicious drinks and nibbles.

Regardless of the bar’s evident references to its legendary namesake in Ibiza, the Meydan Beach venue promises to offer the same enticing ambiance yet in a different location. The venue is clearly different from the Ibiza one: the bikini culture and pole dancing that graces the lounge’s original spot is not found here. Rather you’ll find a place located on the beach area of the stunning Meydan Beach comprised of a wooden-decked dance area with zebra print low slung sofas and armchairs in the bar and lounge area.

While we sipped our Amaretto Sours and Margaritas, we watched the sunset go down over the sea while listening the catchy beats of the live dj. This is a wonderful spot and one which is perfect for an relaxing evening drink along the beach and surrounded by the water that engulfs Dubai.

Cafe Del Mar is located in Meydan Beach Hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road. Tel: +971 44333777 www.cafedelmar.com