Markethouse Presents Entertaining with De’Ann

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Markethouse Restaurant & Bar have been cooking up something great in the form of Executive Chef De’Ann Welwerts’ monthly cooking series. The farm-to-table restaurant’s chef hosts “Entertaining with De’Ann” and shows off her cooking skills and knowledge with a series of culinary arts and crafts. If you love cooking demos and want to learn from an amazing chef, then today is your lucky day. Well technically, tomorrow (Thursday, April 25) is your lucky day because from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, guests will enjoy an informative demonstration from Chef De’Ann on planting herb seedlings for spring and how to infuse them into dishes. What’s even better is guests will get to take home their very own herb plant to use in their own dishes, but not before tasting the chef’s fresh herb pasta primavera.

How cool is that? I always see TV chefs use their own homegrown herbs and just automatically feel that their food is better than mine. This is a demo that will definitely upgrade your kitchen skills. And Chef De’Ann knows her herbs, in addition to Markethouse’s rooftop Garden, they recently introduced an herb wall in the dining room of the restaurant that includes African Blue Basil, Cotton Candy Mint, Cuban Oregano and more. If you would like to join in on the fun, be quick about it, the demonstration is $10 a person and is limited to 35 guests. Besides the herb plant demo, it also includes an All-American entertaining activity, along with themed bites and a cocktail. Following the demo, participants receive 20% off dinner in the restaurant that evening. Reservations, which are required, can be made by calling 312-224-2200.

Herb Wall
Herb Wall