Broadway Play Edited Following Boston Marathon Blasts

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Playwright Richard Greenberg has altered parts of his new play “The Assembled Parties” following the bombings at the Boston Marathon to remove a negative reference to the city of Boston and eliminate a section about someone building a bomb.

“All of us involved in the production of ‘The Assembled Parties’ were saddened by Monday’s tragedy in Boston and have deep compassion for all who were affected,” said Lynne Meadow, the artistic director of Manhattan Theatre Club.

In the original version of the play, a Harvard University graduate student is asked if he likes Boston. He replies: “There’s something wrong with Boston, isn’t there? But Cambridge is fun.” Later in the show, the same character discusses a student who built a bomb for extra credit. But in the modified script, the line about Boston was cut and the scene about the bomb-maker was rewritten.

“The Assembled Parties” is running at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.