Want to drive the Ferrari 458 Spider? Check out Lou La Vie in Miami


Want to drive the Ferrari 458 Spider? If you’re in Miami look no further than Lou La Vie.

The Ferrari 458 Spider brings stunning attention to detail, clearly visible through beautifully-stitched leather seats, brushed metal interior controls, and a steering wheel that awards you effortless control over the drive. And in Miami when you are cruising down Ocean Drive, you’ll want to have that top down. The Spider’s roof is a retractable hard-top that goes from refined luxury vehicle to free-spirited convertible in just 14 seconds, letting you take in the iconic skyline and glorious weather Miami’s open roads have to offer.

As for the drive, the car produces a symphony of sound and superb sensations as the engine roars to life. Trust us, your pulse will quicken with exhilaration as each turn is handled marvelously by the finely-tuned suspension. Between the lightheaded sensations of euphoria mixed with the energized sense of life, you steal a glance to your left and notice a grin stretched across the face of a person entranced by the drive.

For more information, go to Lou La Vie online http://www.loulavie.com or call (888) 979-9787.