Haute Secrets: Lori Guzzard, The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel

Lori Guzzard. Photo: Erik Kabik
Lori Guzzard. Photo: Erik Kabik

The true ticket master of Hard Rock Hotel, Lori Guzzard has been helping the property entertain locals and vacationers alike for years as The Joint box office manager. In 2009, Guzzard helped reopen the Joint with residencies such as Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits, hard rock residency Mötley Crüe in Sin City, Tiësto In Concert and Guns N’ Roses: Appetite for Democracy.

Outside of work, Guzzard is a dedicated kickball player and proud owner of a lovely cat named Millhouse.

Name: Lori Guzzard

The stats: Born in West Covina, Calif.; lived in Las Vegas since 2001

Why she loves Las Vegas: It’s the smallest big city. You can go anywhere and know someone. Plus everyday is an adventure. You never know what you may see, hear, experience, and sometimes even smell.

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