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The Library


The Gilt Bar (230 West Kinzie) is a special place in Chicago. It has good food, a great atmosphere and there’s always a sense of what’s next in the air. The biggest “what’s next” has been the space underneath the Gilt Bar. There were rumors of it being a ramen joint, and then people were saying it was going to be a dark cocktail cave called Curio. Well the fancy ramen bar has been put on hold and Brendan Sodikoff (Au Cheval, Bavette’s) has opened up The Library.

The Library opened Wednesday, March 6th and has been called a “social conversation room.” The dimly lit space is filled with books, not just any books but leather-bound vintage books that Sodikoff and his team has scoured the globe for. They have books from stores in Chicago, London, New York and Paris. The collection is supposed to be comprised of some of the greatest books of all times, but that’s something you will have to determine for yourself. The best part of The Library is that you can enjoy the cozy intimate space while eating on the same food that they serve upstairs in the restaurant. For a book and food lover like me, sounds like the perfect dinner out. If you want to know more about Gilt Bar or The Library, you can contact them by calling 312-464-9544.

Images Courtesy of 312DiningDiva

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