Academy of Art University at New York Fashion Week

AAU-collageNew York’s blizzard wasn’t going to stop the Academy of Art University’s invincible fall 2013 collection this season! And when one says invincible, this featured event was not a fear factor, but a shock factor! What seems to be going on with the Academy of Art University this year or just in general? Are my eyes seeing this fall 2013 collection correctly? After attending several other shows for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this show would seriously cause a train to stop! It nearly and most accordingly knocked my boots off! AAU is giving other major fashion houses a run for the money! It wouldn’t be surprising if one spotted a magazine, in your nearest food market aisle, with an AAU graduate designer’s piece on Lady Gaga…in our near future!
Let’s give Gaultier or McQueen or Marc Jacobs a rest in their spotlight and lend their spotlight right on over to AAU’s fashion design projects! No offense full spread designers, but AAU needs a pair of binoculars pointed their way! Buzz on the streets for fashion week, was this was a show not to be tardy to! The itinerary clearly dictated that these designers were in full order and the agenda already instated the “who made the cut” list, were engaged to MBFW for one night. So, would you like to know who made the cut? Here were some of the orders and not made to go, but what was served on the runway to us; Janine M. Villa’s, Amanda Nervig’s, Yuming Weng’s, Teresa Field’s , James Thai’s, Leah Aripotch’s, Heather Scholl’s, Chenxi Li’s, Heather McDonald’s or Qian Xie’s.

Academy6One featured designer that caught more than the corner of my eye was Heather McDonald and guess what? One has been behind scenes in the past with this little vixen and has seen her working her caboose off for those razor sharp cuts! Her cuts and silhouettes were sharp, edgy, cut throat, sleek and just damn right on point! The crisp lines, the volume of the shoulders, the use of wools and knits would keep one tucked in and warm, but looking like a billion bucks! Basing her theme for her collection, off of past film Metropolis, was not a risk she was taking, McDonald knew it would be our new future. Certain pieces were grasping for the future and adding pinches and dashes of twisted modern edge to the contoured silhouettes. Now for the crème de la crème…the gloves! Just throwing in a pair of seductive assassin like gloves, showed that certain looks set the character as a deceitful, untouchable temptress, but most desired. So, move out of the way world, Heather McDonald’s hear to battle Gucci, Alexander Wang or hell, who actually knows who she might battle! P.S. One word…timeless!

Next on the list, which one might think Prada or Marni, don’t be fooled, it’s Janine Villa and knitwear designer Amanda Nervig. My oh my, should every MBFW show be canceled, due to the phenomenal collections and variety of this fall 2013? Who needs the other magazine spread designers, when you have AAU graduates in Lincoln Center? I’m rambling, onto the main focus of this dynamic duo, Villa and Nervig. These two might be warming up our hands, feet, and necklines in our future blizzard season, not to mention being more than fashionable in cold climates. Is that actually possible, than burying yourself in dreadful parka coats and snow gear? Well, the bold colors, use of chunky knits/acrylic knits and the knit patterns had a splash of simplified mod and our future was ready-to-wear now! The collection didn’t need a thread, needle, knit, pinch, stitch or just about anything! Piece by piece, the tailored menswear approach of the garments and accessories were ready to hung, ready to be snagged, but not dragged to a dressing room and ready for a kidnap!Academy1

There is so little time and maybe time for just one more. So if yours truly had to pick one, make it count! Let’s spin the bottle and aim it dead center at Chenxi Li! The collection resembled a flight attendant or military gal transforming herself behind the cockpit and adding a few lavish and luxurious furs and knits to the uniform. Head to toe, the collection transformed society’s fashion inspired dame, as opposed in the 50’s, into a sultry, classic ice queen. Furs, knits midnight blues, soft teal and jet black liner to the eyes, these looks were not to be tampered with. The teal tights rested under mid-knee pencil skirts, while rabbit fur coats layered over the bod. FRAGILE, should be stamped on these vintage looks and placed in glass case and only opened if kissed by the designer herself.images
Kudos to The Academy of Art University for gracing MBFW with their presence and roll out the red carpet next season for them! The fall 2013 chosen designers were more than invincible and yours truly was more than smitten by the looks. So note to the wise, if a blizzard strikes again for MBFW, be prepared and don’t be tardy! You will need the proper attire and gear, such as; a snow shovel, a Venti Starbucks, a tent to pitch, a sleeping bag, fabulous heels and a nice hiding spot to hibernate in Lincoln Center. This is one featurette and Academy that can’t be missed and to hell with all the other shows…no offense, but AAU is the antidote for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!03_Designers-with-Models-1024x426