What’s On My Desk: Tanya Zuckerbrot, CEO and Founder of F-Factor

Tanya Zuckerbrot is the CEO and Founder of F-Factor, Inc. As a registered dietitian with a private practice in midtown Manhattan (115 East 57th Street), she provides nutritional counseling to New York’s movers and shakers such as fashion designer Rachel Roy, candy entrepreneur Dylan Lauren, and TV personality Donny Deutsch. Tanya is also the official dietitian to the Miss Universe Organization and helps Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA look and feel their best by eating well.

Here’s what she keeps on her desk to stay inspired:

Miracle Carb Diet Book
“The Miracle Carb Diet Book: Make Calories & Fat Disappear with Fiber” (Hyperion 2013) is the core program that I teach to my private clients. It’s based on my 15 years of work so it’s loaded with practical tips and information that I refer to throughout the day.

#1 Mom Ceramic Figure
My 7-year-old daughter Olivia made this for me. Even on the busiest day, it’s a reminder that my number one job is being a great mom to my kids. It also reminds me that even though I work long hours, my children still see me as number one.

Tiffany Clock
I received this as a gift from my husband when I first opened up my office. He thought it would help me to know when a clients session was up. Frankly, I think it was also a gentle reminder to know when the day was up and its time to come home!

Hermes Dishes with Measuring Tape
I received these dishes from my best friend, Rachel Roy. They are the perfect place for keeping my tape measure close at hand. I use the measuring tape to help track my clients’ progress. Who doesn’t love to see inches shrink away? :)

Jerusalem Globe
A very dear client went to Israel and brought me back this beautiful globe of the city of Jerusalem. My clients mean the world to me and it is so touching that they think of me even when they travel. Because I am Jewish, Israel has a special place in my heart, which makes this gift that much more precious to me.

Louis Vuitton Make Up Bag
Between TV appearances and meetings with clients, this little bag is my go-to for touch-ups throughout the day.

Body Fat Monitor
F-Factor is not about getting skinny, it’s about getting lean. This machine allows me to assess a client’s body fat, and therefore, how much weight they should lose or gain. Men should have between 12-20 percent body fat and women should have between 18-25 percent. In just a few seconds, I am able to see where a client is and track their progress.

F-Factor Fudge Brownie Bar
On busy days when I am slammed with clients, bars keep me full so I can focus. These bars have 12g of fiber, but they indulge my sweet tooth and make me feel like I am eating a brownie.