Shades of Violet: A moment of reflection for Jodie Foster

The Golden Globes marked the beginning of award season and it did not disappoint. Jennifer Lopez looked so beautiful and demure I remembered why America and I fell in love with her to begin with. Jessica Alba glowed in her coral Oscar De La Renta gown accented with a Harry Winston 6 million-dollar necklace. Who could tell that she is a mother of two young children? But the most memorable moment of the award show for me wasn’t the fashion or the red carpet arrivals of perfectly styled celebrities with their publicists and entourage in tow. It was the speech that Jodie Foster made. She summed up her life in what seemed a disorganized stream of consciousness that was smart, personal and deeply emotional. She announced her age poking fun at Hollywood’s prejudice with aging actresses, stating that she should of brought her walker. She spoke about her modern family by first stating that she was single. Then she addressed her mother stating:  I Love You, I Love You, I Love You”. At the end of her very carefully thought out words, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience and dare I say at home.

I celebrate her life and career. She is not only one of the best actresses to have ever graced the silver screen, but one of the deepest and smartest I have ever had the privilege to watch. She ended her speech by acknowledging her loneliness and thanking her peers for the company. That kind of honesty and sincerity is one that comes around once in a very long while. I applaud Jodie for her insistence to be authentic in the whirlwind and storm that being an A-list celebrity is and for not compromising who she is for the sake of her Hollywood standing.