Park Hyatt Chicago’s NoMi

Located on the seventh floor of one of downtown Chicago’s most luxurious and respected hotels, Park Hyatt Chicago (800 North Michigan Avenue), sits a culinary treasure with a spectacular view of Michigan Avenue. NoMi Kitchen is truly a treat for all those looking for a great meal amid impeccable service and an elegant atmosphere. This is a restaurant truly dedicated to its “commitment to the culture of great food.”

NoMi is not just a restaurant, it has four different areas of excellence. Of course there is NoMi Kitchen, but there’s also NoMi Lounge, NoMi Garden and NoMi Spa. There is no shortage of ways to relax and enjoy a stay at the hotel or just a trip downtown for a meal and massage amidst a day of shopping. But the star will always be the restaurant. Not only does it boast a Michelin star, it has also recently undergone a full renovation to make it the perfect “casually elegant dining destination for locals and hotel guests alike.”

The food at NoMi is great thanks to the cooking philosophy of Executive Chef Ryan LaRoche. He’s all about fresh, locally sourced ingredients and creative cooking. To further drill this point in your head, let me take you back to 2010. Not only did Chef LaRoche’s approach to cooking earn NoMi a Michelin Star, that same year he was named Best New Chef by Chicago Social Magazine. Here’s to hoping that LaRoche, along with Chef de Cuisine Sean Pharr, keep NoMi Kitchen great for the long haul. I have resisted the urge to describe the amazing dishes the restaurant has because I didn’t want to tease you. You have to go and taste it yourself. To learn more about NoMi Kitchen or to make reservations you can click here.

Images Courtesy of Park Hyatt Chicago