Original Annie Leibovitz Photos On Display At Norton Museum Of Art

The assistant director of the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Charlie Stainback, flew to New York to personally select digital images by photographer Annie Leibovitz, which are now officially on display. Leibovitz is a well-known portrait photographer known for her work with Rolling Stone Magazine and Vanity Fair. She has photographed many celebrities, with her most famous work being the portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1980 and portraits of Joan Armatrading in 1978.

Rather than choosing powerful and surprising photos from Leibovitz’s collection, Stainback decided to go with more personal photos. “I didn’t want the obvious stuff,” Stainback said. “I wanted photos that were devoid of the theatrics, just a photographer and her subject and what the camera can do.”

The Norton Museum is now showing 39 of these photos taken by Leibovitz from 1970 to now. The collection includes Brad Pitt lying on a bed, Leonardo DiCaprio with a swan arched around his neck, and a simple Tom Cruise looking over his shoulder.

The portraits taken by Annie Leibovitz at the Norton Museum will remain on display until June 9th.