Luxbar: A Bar With A Fireplace

The Gold Coast is one of Chicago’s most popular, precious and upscale neighborhoods. There’s no shortage of amazing shopping destinations, incredible hotel choices, and the all-too-important fine dining options. Whether you’re looking for a great steak from Gibson’s, which is one of Chicago’s best steakhouses or maybe you would like some of the finest seafood the city has to offer at Hugo’s Fish Bar, it’s there for the eating. But what about when you just want to sit back and relax in a bar setting, yet you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your meal? That’s when you head to Luxbar (18 East Bellevue).

Luxbar is a part of Gibsons Restaurant Group, which means it’s a part of a company that boasts the likes of the aforementioned Gibsons Steakhouse and Hugo’s Fish bar, as well as Quartino Ristorante. Luxbar offers the same high quality food and unbelievable service as the other high profile restaurants in the family. It’s the result of an inspiration to make a restaurant as great as Adolf Loos’ “American Bar.” They want to carry that same elegant simplicity that is said to have “greatly influenced the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.” They take this endeavor serious and they make sure their neighborhood saloon is on par with this goal daily.

They have an artisanal-style menu that focuses on fresh, natural and as local as possible ingredients. Even the cocktails they make are inspired by the ‘simple elegance’ mantra, they too are made from natural and fresh ingredients. A lot of care has been taken in making and maintaining Lux bar and it shows.

All of that is great, but the thing I may be most interested in is the fact that this is a bar that has a private dining area with a fireplace. It’s a bar that has a private dining room with a fireplace. I had to repeat it for good measure. Great food, great service and a private dining room with a fireplace. There’s nothing left to be said, you can make learn more or make reservations for Luxbar by visiting here or calling 312-642-3400.

Source: Luxbar