Four Season Chicago’s Allium Restaurant

In early 2012, the Four Seasons Chicago (120 East Delaware Place) decided to make some changes to their dining situation. They turned their elegant Seasons restaurant into a private event space with views of Lake Michigan and turned the Lounge and Bar space into a new dining concept, Allium.

Allium, which is “the Latin name for the family of plants that includes onions and garlic,” is a restaurant committed to local ingredients and features farm-to-table, regional American cuisine. The great thing about the change is that the same chef, Kevin Hickey, who was at the helm of the Michelin-starred Seasons restaurant is still running the show. So you can be certain that there are no corners cut in making the food absolutely incredible.

With a focus on sustainable ingredients, Allium uses vegetables from local farmers and their very own hotel rooftop garden. This is Chicago and we do love our meats, and they are well represented on the menu, from dry aged filet chop to a section of the menu called “From the Meat Locker,” which features premium chops from Midwestern ranchers. With everything being pulled from so close, it comes as no surprise that the food is extremely fresh and Allium takes pride in that. The lunch and dinner menu have four different categories, which signal different portion sizes. The categories are Snacks & Breads, Smaller, Bigger, and Mine. So whether you’re out for lunch at work or having a family meal, there’s a perfect portion size for you. For reservations or more information you can visit

Photos Courtesy of Jason Little/ Chicago Eater/Martha Williams