900 North Michigan Shops: The Luxury Retail Capital

Let me start off by giving a grand apology. I have been doing this for a while now and I have yet to feature the biggest luxury retail destination in the city of Chicago, the 900 North Michigan Shops. Sure I’ve mentioned it in passing, but the 900 North Michigan Shops retail center (named after its location at 900 North Michigan Avenue) deserves so much more than a mention, it deserves full-blown recognition.

900 North Michigan Shops is a visually stunning, remarkable 450,000 square foot property that features 70 luxury retailers. Although it’s located on the northern end of the Magificent Mile, this is quite literally the center of the Chicago shopping universe. And I say that with full respect to the hundreds of other amazing shopping destinations on the Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast. The 900 North Michigan Shops transcends your normal upscale shopping environment, it exceeds the level of luxury any other shopping center provides, this is a one of a kind shopping experience.

Ignore the seemingly apparent subject verb agreement problems, because when I say 900 North Michigan Shops it’s not plural, it’s a single entity that goes beyond the concept of luxury shopping and has become a sartorial universe within itself. Yeah it’s that deep and it’s hard not to fall in love with this masterpiece of a retail center. Anchored by Bloomingdale’s, there are so many luxury retail choices your head will spin. Besides Bloomingdale’s, there’s Gucci, Diesel, J. Crew, Montblanc, Club Monaco, St. Croix, Ugg Australia, Coach and many more.

To drive home the point of how special the 900 North Michigan Shops is, I have to mention that they have one of the Gold Coast’s most exclusive health clubs, Equinox Fitness Club. Equinox features personal trainers, cardio and strength equipment, and even a full service spa. In case you need to get a little hungry from running all over the place, there’s also a food court. Whether you want a sandwich (Potbelly), pizza (Frankie’s 5th Floor Pizzeria), amazing antipasti or a salad (Frankie’s Scaloppine), something sweet (Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland) or anything else your heart desires, the 900 North Michigan Shops has it. Actually the only issue I have is that their Club Monaco doesn’t have a men’s section, but they more than make up for it so I forgive them. With all that said, head over to the 900 North Michigan Shops and start your own love affair if you haven’t already. For more information and a full list of shops and restaurants go to www.shop900.com.

Images Courtesy of Johansen Krause and the 900 Shops