Viral Video By Aspiring NYC Filmmaker To Get Comedy Series Treatment At Fox

Recent Columbia graduate Shawn Wines inked a deal with Fox after his two-and-half minute comedy short, Upstairs, went viral and caught the attention of Hollywood execs. Producer Aaron Kaplan was forwarded the racy video (which has amassed more than 2 million views online) by his mom, which prompted him to contact Wines and develop a television series.

Referred casually as New Guy, the project is described as a male New Girl and centers on a tragically average guy living with his trust-fund roommate, across the hall from their beautiful neighbor. Keeping with the tone of the short, in which a couple on a first date get very pragmatical, yet brutally honest about the course of their relationship, the show will chronicle a group of friends taking on the brutality of daily life in New York.

Check out the video below!

Upstairs by shawnwines

Source: Deadline Hollywood