Union Sushi and Barbecue Bar

It’s always nice to break out of the routine and try something new. No matter the experience, just breaking out of the monotony of the everyday can feel great. You can say that about work, movies, television, and where you go work out. But one of the simplest things we can change up is what we eat. It doesn’t always have to be the same restaurants and kinds of cuisine you are used to. That’s why I suggest trying Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar (230 West Erie). Sounds strange, right? Sushi and Barbeque don’t usually show up on the same menu, but at Union they are changing the way you think about what’s traditional.

Located in the incredibly popular River North neighborhood, Union is dedicated to combining fine Japanese dining with a “fresh, colorful and urban vibe.” The set up of the place is very stylish and welcoming, and more American than you would expect a Japanese restaurant to be. The menu is amazing though, whether you are getting something from the kitchen, Sushi Bar, or their Signature Barbeque Bar with its 600 degree Robata Grill. You can go into this restaurant and enjoy anything from a soft shell crab roll to oysters, all the way to a BBQ sampler. Talk about options and diversity.

Besides the food, Union is offering something extra this season. Sake sommelier, Mike Schatzman, is offering guests and up to 35 of their friends a chance to experience sake in a whole new way. He has created two different experiences, Classic or Adventurous, that is led by one of Union’s five sommeliers and it allows guests to enjoy different varieties of sake. The Classic experience gives you four types of sake and pairs them with menu items, while the Adventurous gives you six. At $40-$60 dollars a person, it’s a great deal and a fun experience to share with friends. To learn more or to book a private event, visit www.eatatunion.com or call 312-662-4888.

Images Courtesy of Tammy Green/Chicago Bites