The Ritz Carlton’s deca restaurant + bar

The Ritz Carlton Chicago (160 East Pearson) is one of the most premier hotels in not only Chicago, but the entire world. It has all the luxury and elegance that you envision from a five star hotel. But the hotel has a secret weapon for those who may not be too familiar with the hotels amenities; it has an amazing upscale restaurant.

The deca restaurant + bar, named after the year of its debut (2010), is a culinary treat in the lobby of the Ritz on the 12th floor. It combines the best of art deco with contemporary classic cuisine to create a brasserie-inspired experience at this one-of-a-kind restaurant. Using the best ingredients from the best farmers, Chef Mark Payne’s innovative cooking style is showcased on his market driven menu.

The comfortable yet elegant and stylish dining environment makes for a great place to have lunch with an existing or potential client. Or if you’re the boss, taking your employees or coworkers for a lunch meeting is sure to boost morale. And if you’re not on the clock and just enjoying a stay at the Ritz or shopping downtown, you can stop in and quench your thirst with one of the choices from the restaurant’s amazing wine list. No matter the reason you’re there or who you are with, deca restaurant + lounge is committed to giving you a memorable experience. For info or reservations call 312-573-5160 or click here.

Images: Mag