Experience HoliDose Market

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Dose Market for the first time. It was a wonderful experience and, as advertised, it was full of fashion, food and fun. Created in 2010 by April Francis, it allows patrons to interact and buy from vendors who you may or may not have known existed. It happens once a month at the amazing River East Art Center (435 E. Illinois St.) and it really celebrates Chicago’s food and fashion culture. While the vast majority is food, women’s clothing and cool knick-knacks, there are men’s vendors (it’s how I found Trunk Club).

While I was filling up on pastries from various vendors (Vanilla Bean Crème Brioche from Éclair bakery was unbelievable), I couldn’t escape the liveliness of the market; it was genuinely a positive environment full of friendly people. I am definitely going back this weekend for their HoliDose Market (Dec. 9th). And from all indications it’s going to be huge, they even told me it will be the biggest Dose Market ever. If you live in Chicago or are visiting this weekend, for gifts and a good time, I would highly suggest making your way to Dose Market. It’s the best of the best in local food, fashion and design. If you pre-order your tickets online they’re $8, at the door $10. Small price, huge experience.